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Our Provider Network

We have an extensive and highly trained network of healthcare providers who specialize in providing personalized and immediate medical care.

What You Need to Know

During this life interruption, you will no doubt experience chaos and confusion.  Our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section is designed to educate and inform you on what you need to know.

We Work with Attorneys

We do not seek reimbursement until your legal case settles.  We are dedicated to making your legal and financial recovery as helpful as your medical recovery.  We work with personal injury attorneys toward this goal.

> Personal Injury Recovery

Taking care of your health

No Upfront Deductibles or Co-Insurance Fees

We do not charge any upfront deductibles or co-insurance.  We handle all the hassles so you can concentrate on getting better!

Resources of a Large Provider Network

With our extensive network and superior customer service, we can help provide the fastest road to recovery. Whether a consultation or extensive medical treatment, we can help.


Our extensive and highly skilled network of healthcare providers focuses on providing personalized and immediate medical care. Our network consists of a variety of specialties from physical therapy to neurosurgery.

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