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About Us

About AZ Healthcare Network

Personicare, our sister company was established in Colorado in 2011. Though we were the fourth medical lien company in CO, we grew rapidly due to our customer service, large network of medical providers, and client-focused business model. To date, we have assisted over 3,500 patients find medical care that they require.


AZ Healthcare Network was established in 2018. With our proven track record of providing high-quality, convenient medical care for injured parties, we are excited to offer our services to injured Arizona accident victims. We look forward to assisting your clients with their medical needs.

We offer:
 Full range of medical care for injured auto accident victims
 Client focused care with an emphasis on customer service
 A high-quality network of medical providers
 Individualized care based on the client’s medical needs
 Real-time access to the client’s balances, medical reports, and billing
 Ongoing communication during all phases of medical treatment, keeping you up-to-date


We cover all facets of care a car accident victim is likely to need:
From pain management and rehabilitation physicians to imaging, physical therapy, chiropractic, pain treatment injections and everything in between, we’ve got your client covered.


We are continuously expanding our network to provide clients with the best possible medical care. Our network is built around quality medical providers and utmost convenience for your clients.

Our objective with each client is simple . . .
 Facilitate the best possible care for each client.
 Maintain open communication between all parties involved.
 Reduce/eliminate financial obligations and burden during the client’s treatment process — no copays, deductibles or out-of-network expenses.
 Achieve complete client satisfaction.

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