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Access Our Doctors

How to Access Our Medical Network

- Contact us immediately: by phone 602-455-1130 or email:
- You can also contact us by filling out our information form
- We will ask you the name of your attorney (don’t worry if you don’t have one yet) and for information on you and the accident.
- Once we’ve received the information we need, we’ll make a decision within 24 hours whether we can treat you in our network.

Doctor with Files

- Once accepted, you’ll sign our standard agreement.

- You’ll have immediate access to all the medical providers in our network.

- You can choose among our many Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctors to manage your care and make referrals to our specialists where appropriate.

- Or you can access our medical providers on an ad hoc basis in conjunction with other medical providers.

We don’t charge any upfront deductibles or co-insurance.

We collect the bills and treatment notes and send them to your attorney.

When your personal injury case settles, some of the settlement funds (if sufficient) are used to pay your medical bills.

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