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About Us - Testimonials

AZ Healthcare Network is owned and operated by the same team that owns and operates Personicare.  Personicare is a Colorado-based medical lien company that has worked with hundreds of personal injury attorneys and thousands of patients since 2011.

Listen to the testimonials from some of Personicare's long-term attorney and paralegal referral partners about the value and benefits Personicare and AZ Healthcare Network bring to their firms and clients!

All videos are 1-2 minutes or less.

Jennifer is a paralegal who raves about our great customer service that makes her life easier and makes the client feel that there is a whole team supporting the client's recovery.

Ethan is a personal injury lawyer from Denver, CO who find us to be an invaluable tool in providing his clients with quality medical care in a time when they urgently need it.

Jossline is a Firm Administrator who has worked with us from the very beginning.  As one of our first clients, Joss speaks about the history of our relationship and how our outstanding customer service has helped her firm and her clients over many years.

Rich is an attorney with nearly 40 years of experience and speaks to working with the team operating AZHCN team and the fantastic service the company provides.

Ron is an attorney who lauds the leadership team behind AZHCN and their incredible industry knowledge and know-how.

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